Benefits Of Generators -Top 10 Surprising Facts You Should Know

In this helpful guide, we are going to cover the benefits of generators, the top 10 surprising facts, and some tips that you should know.

The home generators serve as a backup source to the municipal power grid that provides electricity in an emergency situation. They are perfect to fulfill home needs whenever extended blackouts are sustained for days.

Whether it is a hurricane, flood, or any other emergency condition, a generator will be your savior in these circumstances. You will be able to run your home appliances, medical equipment as well as the HVAC system.

Most of the whole-home generators are installed permanently on a concrete pad in the yard and then connected directly to the electrical system of a home. Less powerful and smaller portable generators are also available and these types use propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel.

These are the generators that help to keep you and your family completely comfortable in emergencies while keeping the indoor air quality high, increasing the value of the home, and also preventing damage.

In this article, we have compiled the list of benefits of generators that are mentioned below:

Top 10 Benefits Of Generators

Following are the benefits of having a generator.

#1. Electricity Supply In Emergencies:

Electricity Supply In Emergencies

If some essential services are available at your business, you can’t stay for even a minute without power, specifically during times of natural disasters.

For this purpose, portable generators are ideal to provide power or electricity to medical front-line staff, and first responders, so the patients will be facilitated with quality care by using the best equipment, and this is one of the biggest benefits of generators.

Sometimes power outage creates difficulty to perform work activities and this often led to cause massive loss in businesses. In case of an electricity shortage for a longer period, food starts rotting in fridges and even some stoves become useless to cook food.

A portable generator helps to keep the balance of things by providing the maximum power needed for running essential household appliances. As well as it saves your money too by minimizing the loss.

If the size of your generator is large enough, you can start your computers and other heavy equipment on it. In this way, your daily working routine won’t be disrupted in the absence of electricity.

Though they are so beneficial in times of crisis, they make noise that is too loud to bear. So, they should be placed in open places to avoid noise as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.

#2. Power Up The Appliances:

With the advancement in technology, the use of electrical gadgets is also increasing very fast. For work, we all rely on computers, tablets, and other devices.

So, it becomes very hard to manage work if an unexpected power breakdown occurs. If the power breakout is for short period, it can be compensated. But if it is for a longer period, then it can be stressful to maintain things.

With the help of generators, you can get your things done without any stress. As they can power lights, computers, fans, and other important appliances without letting you wait for hours to provide you maximum comfort.

If you are a resident of an area where storms are common and they suddenly knock out power, then investing your money in generators will be an ideal choice. You won’t need to rush towards the hotels in times of emergency instead you can easily rest in your comfort zone where your major appliances will be running perfectly.

For a garage pumps, ovens, or any other electrical appliance you need to run, a generator will be your best buddy.

#3. Indoor Air Quality Remains High:

In summer, power breakout is a casual thing but tackling this problem can be very difficult for people.

In order to get air when power is out, people usually open their doors and windows when their air conditioners are off. But this sometimes exposes them to polluted air, dust, and even pollens that result in severe allergies.

If the air is humid, it will definitely make it easier for mold to grow inside your home. These molds are also a source of causing allergies to people as well as creating many serious health problems such as asthma attacks.

So again, in such circumstances, the generator can be helpful for you by dehumidifying the air inside your home and preventing any mold growth. 

#4. Increases The Value Of Home:

If a whole-home generator has been installed in your home. Any buyer will be attracted to it and the value of your home will increase up to many folds. It is a large and wise investment that can prove very beneficial. Even though many insurance agencies also give discounts to install whole-home generators to increase the value of the home.

While providing you with the best facilities, if you ever plan to sell your house, it will give you profit more than your expectations.

#5. Prevent From Damage:

Some generators have the ability to turn on automatically whenever load shedding occurs. You won’t need to rush on stormy nights or severe weather conditions to turn on the generator by yourself. Even if you are out of your home for days, it will keep the systems active to prevent any water damage or mold growth inside your living place.

It will also keep the refrigerator and other useful appliances on, in order to avoid any food rotting that can lead to creating a bad odor at home. It will also save your cost by preventing you to spend money on buying new refrigerators in case your old has caught a lot of smell. As it commonly happens and people don’t want to spend time over cleaning it.

#6. Generate Power During Construction:


This can be done when you are constructing a new house or upgrading the old one. The total construction costs will be saved with the help of a generator and you could do tasks such as painting through nail guns or spray guns among other electrical appliances.

#7. Farming:


Even people living near the countryside can also completely rely on generators. It will assist them in sustaining farms during natural disasters. But they can also be used for daily activities such as farming and gardening.

A generator can be helpful in preserving foods, lighting, and running essential electrical farm appliances.

These portable generators are also very beneficial if you are hosting a family dinner at your place and don’t want to spoil it by power outbreaks.

#8. Allows More Mobility – Benefits of Generators

Generators allow sustaining power in areas where there is no power supply already present. So, whenever it is planned to do some on-site project in such lands, a generator provides great aid in doing such work. One can easily work for the development of remote or disadvantaged areas.

#9. An Investment That Pays Off

A valuable service can be achieved through a generator and it will keep ongoing for a long time. If you will use it properly and keep its maintenance up-to-date, it will last with you for years while providing the best services within effective costs.

#10. Efficient Source Of Energy Production:

It has been calculated that in many parts of the world, power outbreaks are becoming common.

Due to such outbreaks, transport, businesses, and almost everything get affected on either a small or large scale.

In industrial areas, where overloading of energy consumption is observed, the availability of generators makes the equal distribution of power at each place by providing efficient energy.

What Size Portable Generator Do You Need?

Different sizes of portable generators are available on the market today. But it can be tricky to figure out which size will be the best for you.

If you want a generator for power outages or other emergency situation you will need a different-sized generator. But, if you have to run some tools while working on a job site, the required generator size will be different.

Most generators are measured by wattage and if you are unfamiliar with sizing in watts then it’d be preferable to consult with some professional expertise such as a generator salesperson.

They will require some information about your plan to power how many devices and then calculate the wattage needed to fulfill the criteria. In the end, they’ll recommend you the best generator for your specified needs.

If you are the kind of person who wants to rely on his/her own research then you can find a lot of information already present about the best portable generators.

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Portable Generators Are Safe & Easy To Use

Though generators are a great source of help in an emergency situation at the workplace, they also can be your savior at your home during a prolonged power outbreak. It protects your house as well as pockets, such as:

  • A generator eliminates lengthy stays at expensive hotels, which can save you from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Reduces costly cleanups and repairs due to overflowing sump pumps.
  • It helps in maintaining power to your home security systems.
  • Supplies power to your refrigerator, avoiding the expense of replacing spoiled food.
  • It keeps the water flowing for homes with private wells.
  • Prevents frozen pipes from bursting by maintaining power to your water heater.

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  1. It made sense to me when you said that portable generators are ideal for facilities that can’t stay without power even for a minute. With this in mind, I will consider having a home generator installed within a week or two. My 5-year old son has been prone to asthma attacks, so I want to ensure that he will be comfortable and won’t get sick due to a lack of cool air.

  2. It’s great that you mentioned how you can get your things done without any stress with the help of generators. We are now trying to prepare for emergencies and I think having a generator would be great. So, I’ll try to look for generator sales later.

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