How to Drain Gasoline From the Generator Tank and Carburetor?

In this article, we have simply explained How to Drain Gasoline from the Generator tank and carburetor using basic tools and DIY methods.

Draining the gas from the generator is part of regular maintenance. I always drain the gas from the generator tank and carburetor before storing the unit to prevent debrief buildup inside.

If your generator is not starting, maybe your carburetor is clogged, because old gasoline clogs the carburetor making it difficult for the new fuel to get through.

A bad carburetor triggers backfire as well. Check out the article on why generators backfire if you want to know more.

Without waiting, let’s drain the gas from the generator.

How to Drain Gasoline from the Generator

  • First of all, bring your generator to a well-ventilated area.
  • Open the gas cap to let the fresh oxygen flow.
  • Switch the fuel valve off.
  • Remove the side plate or the face cover. You have to locate the carburetor.
  • For the inverter generators, locate the carburetor and there will be a small screw at the bottom which is called the fuel drain screw.
carburetor drain screw
  • Put a bottle or any container under the carburetor, and insert the fuel valve fuel into it.
  • Now turn on the fuel valve and loosen the fuel drain screw and be prepared to drain the oil into the container.
  • With the fuel valve ON, the pressure from the fresh gasoline will push the oil from the carburetor to flow freely.
  • Now tighten the fuel drain screw.

For Traditional Generators

  • The process same as the inverter generator. The fuel drain screw is located at the bottom of the carburetor.
  • Loosen the screw to drain out the fuel into an appropriate container
carburetor drain screw for traditional generators

We can also remove the air filter housing to detach the fuel line from the carburetor to direct drain the oil from the fuel tank instead of the carburetor.

engine fuel line attached to air filter

Put everything together and you are good to go.


Fully clean up any reaming fuel before putting everything together.

Never drain the oil when the engine is still hot to prevent an explosion or fire. I have seen a couple of idiots doing so and ending up being seriously injured.

Don’t place the generator directly under the scorching sun when you drain the oil. The risk of spontaneous combustion is very high because gasoline is extremely volatile and prone to combustion under sunlight.

To be completely safe, drain the oil away from any heat or ignition source.

Follow all the safety guidelines written in the user manual.

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