What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run? – [Detailed Estimation]

In this helpful guide, you will learn What Will a 10000 Watt Generator run and our top 3 recommended 10000-watt generators of 2020

We have seen a surge in the sale of 10000 watt generators in the past several years due to the growing number of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, snow-related, flooding, and extreme weather in general).

Such disasters cause power outages and blackouts for a long time. People are purchasing 10000-watt generators for their homes, job sites, and offices.

We don’t suffer from power outages where I live, but people buy 10KW portable generators for their RVs, as backup power sources, and for other outdoor activities in general. So let’s check what can a 10000-watt generator can run and calculate surge and running watts for most used appliances.

What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run? A Rough Estimation

What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run?

A 10000-watt generator unit provides more than enough power to run large appliances, and a variety of tools in the home, RV, or job site. To give you a rough idea, I have made a chart:

ApplianceQuantityPeak wattsRunning watts
A standard fridge11200200
Microwave oven110001000
Coffee maker1600600
AC (10,000) BTU144003000
Incandescent lights5300300
Total 83505950

This is just a rough estimation, in reality, it is important to consider the critical appliances you need to run on a 10000-watt generator during power outages, or camping.

Before I explain in detail what can a 10000-watt generator run, you need to learn about starting watts and peak watts.

What Are Starting Watts And Running Watts?

Peak, starting, or running watts are extra watts needed for a couple of seconds to start motor-driven appliances like a fridge, AC, or power tools.

Devices with a motor need extra watts from their original capacity to overcome inertia. That is why generators have extra capacity to provide a brief surge for those appliances.

Rated or running watts are the watts needed for a tool or device to run continuously.

You need to check the surge watts of motor-driven devices before powering them otherwise, you will be risking overload and can cause significant damage.

Can A 10000 Watt Generator Run An Entire House?

Yes. A 10000-watt generator will run a standard house if you calculate the surge and running watts of the appliances you need to run, and compare them will the generator’s peak and rated watts.

10000-watt units have 120v/240v 50amp outlets to power large appliances. Make sure to look for such outlets in your generator during purchase if you want to power your house.

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Can A 10000 Watt Generator Run A Central Air Conditioner?

A 10000-watt generator can even have a 24,000 BTU central AC. Take a look at the chart below:

AC UNITPeak wattsRunning watts
10,000 BTU22001500
10,000 BTU45002200
24,000 BTU87503800

Not all central air conditioners need high peak watts to start, nowadays more efficient AC units are in the market. Make sure to check out those.

Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run Space Heaters?

Absolutely. Normal space heaters take 1750 to 1800 running watts, and 1800 starting watts. You can easily run 4 to 5 space heaters without overloading your generator.

Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run A Microwave, Fridge, And A Sump Pump?

It should easily run all three at once without any problem. A standard microwave takes about 1000 running watts, a fridge takes 1200 to 1000 surge watts and 200 running watts, and a ½ HP sump pump takes 2150 to 2200 surge watts and 1050 running watts.

Can A 10000 Watt Generator Run A Circular Saw?

It can even run 4 standard circular saws at once. A circular saw takes about 1400 running watts, and 2300 starting watts.

What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run For A Work Site?

Below is an estimated power requirement of various tools on a work site. Calculate the surge and running watts of each appliance, then compare it with your generator.

ApplianceRunning wattsSurge watts
Table saw18004500
Circular saw14002300
Electric drill600 watts600 watts
Portable air compressor ½ HP10001600
Portable air compressor 1 HP16004500
Bench grinder14002500

What To Know When Running A 10,000-Watt Generator

Before degradation, diesel can last up to 1 year on the shelf whereas gasoline has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months max. Organic Ethanol loses its combustibility in 1 to 3 months.

If you are planning to store your fuel or generator for longer periods, know the shelf-life of each fuel.

How To Safely Run A 10000-Watt Generator?

  • Before refueling, turn off the generator. Let it cool for a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t plug the generator in a wall outlet if you don’t know how to do it. Only licensed electricians should plug the generator into a main electrical panel or wall outlet.
  • Plug your equipment directly into the generator using a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord that handles high loads if your generator is not plugged into the main electrical panel.
  • Operate your generator in a dry place where plenty of ventilation is available.
  • Don’t sit near the generator. They release CO (carbon monoxide) which is an odorless poisonous gas. If proper ventilation is not available, CO can be accumulated in one place and can harm you in a bad way.
  • Change the oil and spark plug when it is due. Don’t be clumsy. Using the same oil for a longer period can cause internal friction and potential damage.
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