Champion vs Generac Generators – Comparing Inverter Generators

In this article, we have compared Champion vs Generac Generators (standby and inverter Generators) based on performance, popularity, budget, and convenience.

Both Champion and Generac generators are known for manufacturing high-quality, affordable, and powerful inverters and conventional generators.

The main difference between Champion Vs Generac generators is the standby generators. Generac has a reputation for manufacturing elite-class standby whole house generators that are on the quieter and lighter side and can power anything, while Champion is slowly rising in the standby generator industry.

Champion vs. Generac Generators – Brand Comparison

Generac is a very reputable and popular American manufacturing company. It was founded in 1951. They are mostly known for manufacturing budget inverter generators and high-quality standby whole-house generators.

Champion is a relatively fresher brand in the residential and commercial generator market. The company was founded in 2003.

Despite being new, the company has sold more than 4.5 million generators in North America alone.  

Champion has received highly positive reviews from customers. Their generators are budget-friendly, long-lasting, extremely powerful, require little maintenance, and are fuel-efficient like Generac.

Champion vs Generac Standby Generators

Both brands are very popular and trustworthy when it comes to quiet inverter technology. To compare both brands for the consumers, we are gonna have to dive deep and differentiate both based on the following things:


Both generators are simple and cost-free to maintain. They are built to be strong and durable so that they won’t much maintenance. Spare parts of both generators are available in abundance. Both generators are the winners here.


Both brands have several dual-fuel generators in their lineup. Champion has many models like Champion 3400 watts that are efficient on both fuels.

I would not say Champion is the winner here because Generac is not far behind, but Champion is certainly more popular in the dual-fuel generator market.


I have used several models from both extremely fuel-efficient brands. None of them is better than the other.

Both brands have a habit of manufacturing top-notch fuel-efficient generators like Champion 2000 watt which can run for 11.5 hours at 25% load, and Generac GP2200i which can run for 10.7 hours at 25% load.

Again, there is no clear winner here.


Champion generators are slightly less expensive than Generac because the brand is comparatively newer. So the champion is the winner here.


The inverter generators or even conventional generators from both brands are very quiet.

Champion and Generac generators often fall under the 52 to 702dB noise range. Based on the data we have collected, both of them have the same noise patterns.

So, no one is the winner

Different Product Range:

Generac has a wide range of products compared to Champion. From 2000 watts to 15000 watts, Generac has it all. So, Generac is the clear winner here.

Overall Performance:

Generac still has a slight over other brands in the standby generator market. They produce high-quality, very durable, and fuel-efficient standby generators of all sizes for commercial and residential use.

However, when it comes to inverter generators, both brands are highly praised for their performance and durability. I can’t pick a winner here.

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Champion vs Generac inverter Generators

Champion vs Generac Generators

1. Champion 2000 Vs. Generac GP2200i

SpecificationsChampion 2000GENERAC GP2200i  
Type  InverterInverter
Peak watts  20002200
Running watts  17001700
Engine  OHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 79ccOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 80cc
Fuel tank  1.05 gal1.2 gal
Noise61 to 62dB from 24 feet away on ECO mode57dB at 100% load from 30 feet away
Runtime11.5 hours at 25% load10.7 hours at 25% load
Outlets2x 120V, 20amp AC outlet, 12V, 8amp Dc outlet.X1 120V 20A Duplex, x1 1.5A 5V DC USB, x1 12V DC
Starter  Manual recoilManual recoil
Dimensions17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches19.7 x 11.4 x 17.9 inches
Warranty3-year limited warranty, and lifetime support.2-year warranty for residential use, 1-year limited warranty for commercial use
Parallel connectionYesYes

Both Generac GP2200i and Champion 2200 watt are quiet and compact inverter generators that are popular among RV users and campers.

Champion 2000 watt weighs only 39.5 pounds while GP2200i weighs 46.5 pounds.

A difference of 6 pounds can be significant if you are space-conscious. For travel trailers and small boats, every gram matters so Champion 2000 watt is the winner in the weight department.

Despite having a larger fuel tank, GP2200i is a bit quieter than the champion 2000 watt. Generac is around 54 to 57dB mark from 30 feet away while Champion produces 61 to 64dB from 24 feet away. Both inverter generators are super quiet, but GP2200i does have a slight edge.

GP220i has a 200 starting watt edge over Champion but the running watts are same for the both.

On Champion 2200, I was able to run the following things:

  • A coffee maker of 1740 watts.
  • ½ Hp air compressor of 1600 starting and 975 running watts
  • Space heater of 1800 watt
  • All of the lights, TVs, etc. 1500 watts
  • The refrigerator of 450 watts.

GP2200i also ran everything else mentioned above without tripping. That extra 200 starting watts gives some leverage to GP2200i to power motor-driven devices.

Both generators can run most of the appliances rated at or below 1700 running watts.

Both generators are very fuel-efficient inverters. Generac has a bigger fuel tank so it lasted for 10.7 hours @25% load, but despite having a smaller fuel tank of 1.05 gal, Champion 2000 watt lasted for 11.5 hours @25% load.

Champion 2000 Watt is the winner in the fuel-efficiency department, but Generac is not far behind.

Both generators are parallel capable, have output indicators, and have a 12V DC outlet.

Both produce clean power with less than 3% harmonic distortion. This power is safe for sensitive appliances like cell phones, laptops, and cameras.

The main differences between Champion 2000 and Generac GP2200i are the extra 200 starting watts that Generac has, the price, and the fuel efficiency. Champion is 100 dollars cheaper than GP2200i and slightly more fuel-efficient with 11.5 hours runtime @25% load. Generac runs for 10.7 hours at 25% load.

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2. Champion 3400 vs Generac GP3000i

SpecificationsChampion 3400Generac GP3000i
Type  InverterInverter
Peak watts  34003000
Running watts  31002300
Engine  OHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 192ccOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 149cc
Fuel tank  1.6 gal1.06 gal
Noise53 from 40 feet away on ECO mode57dB at 100% load from 30 feet away
Runtime7.8 at 25% load, 14.5h on propane10.7 hours at 25% load
Outletsx1 120V 30A, x1 120V 20A Duplex, x1 12V DC.x2 120V 20A (5-20R), 120V 30A (TT-30R). USB
Starter  Manual recoil, electricManual recoil
Dimensions25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches22.2 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches
Warranty3-year limited warranty. Lifetime technical support.2-year warranty for residential use, 1-year limited warranty for commercial use
Parallel connectionYes. RV ReadyYes

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The main differences between Champion 3400 and Generac GP3000i are starting and running watts, runtime, and weight.

Champion is a dual-fuel, quiet inverter generator that can last for 7.5 hours on gasoline at 25% load, and 14.5 hours on propane, but it weighs around 95.7 pounds which is a lot for a camping generator.

GP3000i can last for 5 to 6 hours at 25%, but it weighs 59.6 pounds which is very light for camping and tailgating.

Both generators are quiet. GP3000i produces about 57dB of noise from 30 feet away, whereas Champion 3400 produces only 53dB from 40 feet away. Despite being a bit bigger, the champion won this round.

Champion 3400 offers 3400 peak watts and 3100 running watts on gasoline, and 3060 peak watts and 2790 running watts on propane.

GP3000i offers surge power of 3000 watts, but running watts drop to just 2300 watts. Champion’s engine is a bit bigger so it will be able to run bigger motor-driven appliances on both gasoline and propane.

Due to the bigger engine, the fuel tank of Champion 3400 is also bigger which is why it has a bit longer runtime compared to GP3000i.

Both generators are loaded with outlets including RV-ready 30-amp twist-lock outlet. All other essential outlets that are necessary for camping are included in both.

The biggest difference between these two inverter generators is the portability and size. Generac GP3000i weighs under 60 pounds and is very compact and portable.

Champion 3400 has a wheel to compensate for the Generac’s portability. However, Champion weighs close to 100 pounds so be careful when you pick it up.

In my opinion, CHAMPION 3400 is the better one of the two. It is dual-fuel, not portable, very quiet, highly fuel-efficient, does have an electric start, cold star technology, parallel ready, and RV-ready. Generac is a very good camping generator, but I would bet my money on the champion brand.

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