Generac VS Honda Generators – Comparing Top Models of 2024

In this article, we have discussed Generac vs. Honda Generators by comparing top models from both brands based on noise, runtime, fuel efficiency, weight, portability, and price. This article will help you choose.

The main difference between Generac and Honda is the pricing. Generac is known for manufacturing affordable inverters and conventional whole-house generators, and Honda manufactures premium and long-lasting powerful inverters and conventional generators.

Another notable difference is the warranty policy. Honda gives a flat three-year warranty policy on all of its generators. It doesn’t matter whether you use them for commercial or residential purposes.

Generac is a little less generous. The brand offers a 2-year warranty on all of its generators, depending on the model, for residential usage only. Commercial users typically get a 1-year limited warranty.

Generac and Honda are two of the biggest and most reputable brands in the generator industry. Both brands have manufactured a great number of home backup, camping, industrial, and quiet inverter generators over the years.

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Generac vs Honda Generators – Brand Comparison

Generac vs Honda Generators

HONDA brand has a reputation for producing machines that enhance lifestyles. They first started making generators in 1973.

We used to have an old Honda EG2200X from the 90s when I was young, and we used to run it regularly during camping, and it never disappointed us. My father still has that generator because he loves it. I guess it has something to do with nostalgia as well.

Honda generators are specially engineered to a very high standard, and they are designed to last for a very long time.

Their inverter generators are light as a feather and super quiet. These are a bit expensive, but worth the price.

Generac is an American manufacturing company, founded in 1959. They have produced high-quality and durable backup generators throughout their history.

Nowadays Generac is known for manufacturing either very affordable inverter generators for backup power, RVs, and camping, or large whole house generators that are permanently installed.

Their generators are a tiny less long-lasting than Honda but they are not bad at all, and most importantly, they are budget-friendly.

Here is the detailed history of Generac.


Both inverter generators are very quiet compared to other brands. Honda has a slight edge over Generac by a couple of decibels. HONDA EU2200i produces 53 to 54 dB from 23.5 feet away in ECO mode, while the Generac GP2200i produces 56 to 57 dB.

Conventional generators of HONDA are quieter than Generac’s conventional generators.

Still, both are super quiet. You can go for either if you want a quieter model for camping or tailgating.


Honda is one of the best engine manufacturers in the world. Generac also does an excellent job with its engines, but it is not enough to beat Honda.

Comparing HONDA EU2200i vs. Generac GP2200i, both have OHV, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, but HONDA is a bit more powerful. You can almost get the maximum out of a Honda every time.

Suppose you have a Generac generator of 5000 watts and a Honda generator of 5000 watts. I can almost guarantee that Honda will be more powerful than Generac by a slight or large margin. Honda is the winner in this department.


I have tested two Generac inverter generators and two Honda inverter generators to actual data for the runtime.

  • Generac GP2200i: 10.7 hours at 25% load (1.2 gal tank)
  • Generac GP3000i: 10.7 hours at 25% load (1.06 gal tank)
  • HONDA EU2200i: 8.1 hours at 25% load (0.95 gal tank)
  • HONDA EU3000is: 20 hours at 25% load (3.4 gal tank)

Smaller Generac generators have a slightly longer runtime because they have a large fuel tank. Overall, Honda generators above 2000 watts are famous for their long runtime. Their most popular model, the Honda EU3000, is because it runs like a champ.

For Camping And RVs:

If you are on a budget, go for Generac inverter generators. They are as good as Honda in terms of noise, portability, power output, clean power production, convenience, maintenance, and fuel efficiency.

If you can afford some bucks, investing in a Honda is never a bad choice. Sometimes they don’t provide as many features as other inverter generators, but the standard of Honda generators is very high.

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Generac vs Honda Generators – Model Comparison

We will compare a couple of models from both brands based on affordability, noise, power output, parallel connection, engine, runtime, and overall convenience.

First, we will compare HONDA EU2200i with Generac GP2200i

HONDA EU2200i vs. Generac GP2200i

SpecificationsHONDA EU2200iGENERAC GP2200i  
Type  InverterInverter
Peak watts  22002200
Running watts  18001700
Engine  OHV, 4-stroke, single-cylinder. 121ccOHV, 4-stroke, single-cylinder. 80cc
Fuel tank  0.95 gal1.2 gal
Noise53 to 54dB from 23.5 feet away
on ECO mode
57dB at 100% load from 30 feet away
Runtime8.1 hours at 25% load10.7 hours at 25% load
Outletsx2 120V AC 15A outlets, a battery charging DC
12V outlet
X1 120V 20A Duplex, x1 1.5A 5V DC USB,
x1 12V DC
Starter  Manual recoilManual recoil
Dimensions20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches  19.7 x 11.4 x 17.9 inches
Warranty3-year warranty on all generators for
both residential
and commercial use
2-year warranty for residential use,
1-year limited warranty
for commercial use
Parallel connectionYesYes

The Honda EU2200i is an extremely popular inverter generator that is not only loaded with modern features but is lightweight and super portable as well.  The Generac GP2200i is also popular among campers, and it is a lot like the Honda EU2200i with a slightly bigger fuel tank (1.2 gals).

In terms of noise, both are pretty much similar. Honda is 53 to 54 dB (A) from 23.5 feet away on ECO mode, and Generac is also around the 55 to 57 dB (A) mark.

In real-time, I found Honda a bit quieter than Generac, but users can’t distinguish between the two. The HondaA EU2200i has a 100-watt edge over the GP2200i, and I was able to get 2190 peak watts and 1780 running watts during the load test before the overload alarm.

I was able to run a 15,000 BTU AC and some small things. It lasted for 8.1 hours at a 25% load.

Generac has a bigger engine and larger fuel tank than HONDA. I was able to get a maximum of 1699 running watts out of it. It lasted for 10.7 hours at a 25% load.

During my tests, I found that you can get the maximum out of both generators. Both are fuel-efficient.

GP2200i provides a USB charging port to charge small electronics like a smartphone or laptops. Honda doesn’t include a USB PORT, but it comes with a CO sensor which will automatically shut off the generator if the carbon monoxide levels increase.

In terms of performance, both generators are pretty much the same with HONDA having a slight edge in the noise and power department.

It all boils down to the price. Generac costs about half the price of HONDA EU2200i which is pretty significant. We are paying for the brand name (HONDA).

I would go for the HONDA EU2200i because it is long-lasting and highly durable.

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Honda EU3000is Vs Generac GP3000i

SpecificationsHONDA EU3000isGenerac GP3000i
Type  InverterInverter
Peak watts  30003000
Running watts  28002300
Engine  OHV, 4-stroke, single-cylinder. 196ccOHV, 4-stroke, single-cylinder. 149cc
Fuel tank  3.4 gal1.06 gal
Noise53 to 54dB from 23.5 feet away on ECO mode57dB at 100% load from 30 feet away
Runtime20 hours at 25% load,10.7 hours at 25% load
Outlets20A 125V duplex, 30A 125x2 120V 20A (5-20R), 120V 30A (TT-30R). USB
Starter  Manual recoil, electricManual recoil
Dimensions25.9 x 17.6 x22 inches22.2 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches
Warranty3-year warranty on all generators for both residential and commercial use2-year warranty for residential use, 1-year limited warranty for commercial use
Parallel connectionYesYes

The main difference between Generac GP3000i and HONDA EU3000is is the power generation and the price gap.

Honda can easily run for 20 hours at 25% load but it costs around “$2000” whereas Generac can only run for 5 to 6 hours at 25% load, but it costs around $900.

Both inverter generators offer 3000 peak watts, but HONDA EU3000is has 2800 running watts whereas Generac has only 2300 watts.

The engine and tank size of Honda is a lot bigger than Generac so the difference in running watts is obvious.

Generac GP3000i is a slightly updated version of GP2200i, but HONDA is a dedicated 3000-watt inverter generator.

Both generators are powerful in their own right. I hooked up a 1500-watt heater, and some lights to reach a 2300-watt load on ECO MODE with Generac, and the results were 3580 to 3600 RPMS, 19.3 amps, and 119V which is superb.

And with HONDA, Right off the bat, I gave it a load of 2700 watts which included a microwave, my AC, and some lights. It ran everything like a champion without triggering the overload alarm.

Another main difference between the two is the portability and weight. GP3000i is super portable and easy to carry. It weighs only 59.6 pounds whereas EU3000is is very heavy and beefier. Without the wheels, it requires a minimum of two people to carry it.

In terms of noise, from 50 feet, the noise level of GP3000i was 52dB, and, from 25 feet it was 55 dB (A). For the Honda, it was 54 to 5dB from 30 feet away and 53 to 54 from 40 feet away. Honda beats Generac in the noise department.

Both generators support parallel connection, and both produce clean power (less than 30% harmonic distortion).

Both models are extremely popular among trailer and RV guys. If you want to spend in a budget model, go for Generac GP3000i.

If you can spend some bucks, you should purchase HONDA EU3000is without even thinking. You are paying for the brand.

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Generac vs. Honda Generators – Who is the Winner?

After comparing Generac vs. Honda generators, and models based on portability, weight, noise, power output, runtime, fuel efficiency, and price, we put Honda as our winner. That is just our expert opinion.

Generac generators also excel at everything, but Honda has that brand aura around it that people find very satisfying.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honda generators worth the money?

Honda Generators are worth every penny. They are strongly built, reliable, very powerful, durable, and quiet. Honda generators are highly esteemed for their reliability, quality, and design. Maybe they are a bit expensive, but both their inverter and conventional generators are sold for millions yearly.

Are Honda generators quiet?

Honda makes the quietest inverter generators without a doubt. The ECO-throttle mode makes the engine run a bit slower to save and reduce the noise levels. HONDA EU2200i is the quietest inverter generator. Even the large conventional generators by Honda are not that quiet.

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