Where Is Generac Generators Made? – A Brief History

Generac OHVI engines are currently crafted in Generac headquarter available in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They also have multiple manufacturing facilities in Berlin, Oshkosh, Jefferson, Eagle, and Whitewater. As per the statements of the Generac official website, Generac engines are not engineered or manufactured in the U.S.

Quick Overview Of Generac

Founded in1959
Founded byRobert Kern in
Current CEOAaron Jagdfeld
Oldest headquarterWisconsin
Current Employs6500
productsGenerators, transfer switches, pressure washers, etc.
Revenue$3.737 billion
Market share70%

Brief History Of Generac

Generac was discovered by Robert Kern in 1959, they start building portable generators for the Craftsman and started entering the vehicle market by producing some engines and other parts.

Later in the 1980s, Generac entered into the commercial and industrial markets with their first gasoline automatic home standby generator.

Generac start a private labeling generator for Caterpillar In 1992 which was the worst decision, as the company grew, Caterpillar decided to wave off the private labeling agreement. Generac took legal action but the decision was in the favor of Caterpillar. Well, Generac thought to challenge the lower court’s rulings of the US. The case was dismissed by the lower court and Generac start supplying transfer switches to Caterpillar till 2002.

In 1998, Generac sold some of its portable products division to the Beacon group, and they sold to  Briggs & Stratton a potential competitor of Generac. After the expiration of the agreement in 2007, Generac decided to enter the market in 2008 with its powerful portable units.

On February 11, 2010, Generac Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNRC), a parent company of Generac Power Systems, Inc., went public. Generac’s CEO is Aaron Jagdfeld, who has been with the company since 2008.

Where Are The Generac Engines Made?

Generac engines are crafted in their faculty in Whitewater, Wisconsin midwestern U.S. state, all of the G-force and OHVI engines are being made there by Generac Holdings Inc.

Are Generac Generators Made In China?

No, as we have stated above Generac has its own facility in Wisconsin they made engines set them in a frame, and make them ready to use, there are lots of misconceptions that Generac takes engines from Briggs & Stratton which has a manufacturing unit in China.

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Products Of Generac

Generac is famous for its standby generators because of 50+ years of experience, however, they have a large inventory of pressure washers, portable generators, transfer switches, small accessories like engine oils, etc.

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Current Employs And Future Plans Of Generac.

Generac Power Systems has 6500 employees in different departments. Also, they have announced to start distribution operations in Trenton, South Carolina to expand their business throughout the southeast part of the United States. This initiative will create approximately 450 new jobs in upcoming years, you can also apply here.

Market Shares Of Generac


Being a pioneer in this industry with 50+ years of experience, Generac owns more than half of the market in this category, there is no stone in the route for Generac to grow faster than other competitors, they are constantly increasing digits with almost 70% share in the market. 

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Briggs & Stratton own Generac?

No, that owns a small share of Generac which was ended in 2007, Generac is now an independent manufacturer with Generac Holdings Inc.

Is Generac owned by Honeywell?

No, Generac is owned by Generac Holdings, Inc. They are also building generators for Honeywell, You will surely find similarities between Generac and Honeywell standby and other generators. But they are completely different manufacturers.

Who owns Generac?

Generac is a division of Generac Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GNRC), providing portable and standby generators with lots of other powering power backup systems.

Are Generac generators reliable?

The first and old headquarters of Generac is in Wisconsin, however, they have multiple units you can check out the screenshot below the get more information.

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