Where Are Champion Generators Made? – [Brief History]

Champion generators are designed and engineered in Milwaukee and Wisconsin cities in the US (America). However, the manufacturing process is handled in Zhejiang, China.

The bottom line is the champion generators are imagined and designed in the United States of America and manufactured in China.

Quick Overview

Founded in2003
Current employees42
Current CEOMr. Dennis Trine
Orginal HeadquarterSanta Fe Springs, California
Primary Location12039 Smith Avenue Santa Fe Springs, California 90670, US
ProductsGenerators, pressure washers, snow blowers, Chipper Shredders, Cultivators & Tillers, water pumps, Gardening Tools, Winches & Hoists, log splitters, and power accessories

Where Are Champion Generators Made? – A Brief History

Where Are Champion Generators Made?

Champion power equipment is founded by Mr. Dennis Trine in 2003 with a normal headquarter in California and a bunch of employees.

After getting the traction they build multiple headquarters in California and expanded their faculty to North America (Cities: Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Toronto Canada).

In addition, Mr. Dennis Trine (CEO of Champion power equipment) expanded its team with 42 experienced employees and starts a huge manufacturing unit in Zhejiang, China.

Currently champion is a leading brand in the power equipment industry, they have sold 4.5 million generators only in America.

With exceptional customer support and durability, champion power equipment is constantly dominating the market. They are not only famous for their generators but also for pressure washers, lawnmowers, drills, etc.

What Engine Does Champion Generator Use?

They mainly work on Champion OHV engines for generators with dual fuel options as well; however, for other machinery and generators, champion introduced the latest V-Twin engines for better performance and longevity.

Since the engine is the heart of any machine including the generator, Champion hires a talented staff of engineers to build powerful, durable, and extremely silent engines

What Are the Main Features of Champion Generators?

  • Silent operation: Champion generators are pretty silent compared to the competitors.
  • Provide clean power: As the champion owns a team of experienced engineers, their primary aim is to provide super clean power with lower THD levels so that your voltage-sensitive appliance will be safe.
  • Longer life span: Champion generators are known for their durability; even they provide a longer limited warranty with exceptional customer support as well.
  • Dual fuel option: champion also offers a dual fuel option, you will always have option “B” if you don’t have access to propane or gasoline.
  • Wireless Startup (Remote Start): Remote start is a lifesaver for a lazy person like me, champion 4500 watts is my favorite remote start generator with a super reliable remote range, though there are other options like 9500, 4000, 4250 watts, etc., still 4500 shines like a Sirius.
  • CO Auto Shut OFF: As Carbon monoxide is odor and colorless, the champion installed a carbon monoxide auto shut OFF (CO shield), once the concentration of CO reaches dangerous levels the machine shuts off and shows red light as an emergency alarm.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Technology (EFI): Champion adopts the latest EFI technology for better fuel efficiency compared to the older carburetor system. It saves almost 25% of fuel with fewer carbon footprints.
  • Easy maintenance: Like other premium generators champion units are pretty easy to maintain, even their inverter generator has a tool-less entry for super quick maintenance.
  • Multiple Options: Champion offers a wide range of generators from 2kw – 15kw including inverters, standby, and portable as well.
  • Safer Operation: Most of the champion generators are certified by the CARB or EPA and prove to be safe for the environment, humans, and appliances as well.

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Are Champion Generators Any Good?

With record sales of 4.5 million generators in America, Champion is now a leading brand in the power equipment industry. As per our experience, Champion Generators provides silent operations with powerful engines backed by a longer life span and great customer support. In addition to that, they actively are releasing top-notch duel fuel generators with decent wattages on both propane and gasoline.

The bottom line is, that “Champion is the name of quality“.

Are Champion generators made in the USA?

Champion generators are designed and engineered in America mainly in the US; also expanded their facility in North America including Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Toronto (Canada).

Though they operate from America still they have a huge manufacturing unit in China as well.

 Are Champion generators made in China?

Champion generators are imagined and designed in the United States of America but their engines are manufactured in Zhejiang, China. Since Champion owns the largest manufacturing unit in China their generators, lawnmowers, and other larger machines are manufactured there.

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Wrapping – Up

I know no one wants to spend on a generator that has been made in China tag,  even though China has produced some of the top-notch products, still, make sure 100 times before purchasing a machine with the made-in-China tag.

Let me clarify that champion generators are designed in the US and produced in China; hence this is a joint effort that makes the champion generators super reliable and budget-friendly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of generator do Champion offers?

Champion offers the following generators.

Portable generators.
Standby generators.
Inverter generators.

Who owns Champion Power Equipment?

Champion power equipment is founded and owned by Mr. Dennis Trine.

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