Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

DuroMax generators are imagined, designed, and manufactured in Ontario, California; every part of the generator is manufactured in the headquarter of DuroMax situated in the US.   

As per the statement of the owner, they aren’t importing a single part of the engine from other countries to ensure top-notch quality.

Quick Overview DuroMax Generators

Vice PresidentMr. David Raskin
Founded In2003
No of Employs51-200
HeadquarterOntario, California
Made InUSA
ProductsGenerators, Pressure Washers, Engines, and other power accessories.

Who Makes Duromax Generator Engines?

DuroMax OHV engines are imagined, designed, and engineered in Ontario California by Duropower™.

Duropower™ is the mastermind behind the success of Duromax generators; the whole R&D department is handled by DuroPower.

They not only make generators but also other power tools like engines, water pumps, pressure washers, etc.

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made? – A Brief History

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

The story of DuroMax begins in Southern California with a vision to bring power to every house. Since the generators were pretty expensive in the 2000s the President of DuroMax started this company with a single headquarter in Ontario, California.

After the struggle of many years, he finally built a strong foundation for DuroMax. Quality and reliability were the ultimate goals of Mr. President that’s why DuroMax become a leading brand in the power industry.

Currently, Mr. David Raskin is the Vice President of Duromax (Sun of Founder), Mr. Raskin start exploring the new verticals of power equipment like modern dual fuel, inverters, and portable generators with super-efficient eco-friendly engines.

Additionally, Mr. Raskin works on pressure washers, power accessories, and modern engines as well.

Are Duromax Generators Any Good?

Like Champion, Honda, Westinghouse, and WEN, Duromax is a leading power equipment brand with multiple efficient, powerful and silent generators.

Since Duromax doesn’t rely on other companies they have a crew of talented engineers whose task is to build reliable efficient and long-lasting engines and other parts with minimum expenses so that they can be sold at a budget-friendly price tag.

What Type of Generators and Power Tools Does Duromax Offer?

Though DuroMax is famous for its dual fuel generators still they have pretty much all varieties of generators including the following.

  • Portables
  • Inverters
  • Dual fuel
  • Tri fuel
  • Gasoline

Also, DuroMax is constantly dominating the market with its latest engines, pressure washers, water pumps, and other power accessories.

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What Are the Main Features of DuroMax?

Dual fuel/Hybrid: As we have discussed above DuroMax is the king of the market in terms of dual fuel/hybrid generators, their generators are not only efficient on gasoline but also on propane (LPG). You will always have option “B”

Provide Lower THD:  Most of the Durmoax generators provide less than 5% of THD levels which is pretty safe for even voltage-sensitive devices, please make sure to skim the user manual or specification to get actual THD levels before making a buying decision.

Longer life span: Duromax makes their generators independently to maintain quality; they don’t even import a single part of the engine from other countries.

The whole engine, frame, and everything of a generator is manufactured at the DuroPower plant situated in California.

In addition to that, they are using 100% copper windings backed by excellent customer support and a couple of years of limited warranty.

Remote start: DuroMax also offers Remote start generators with pretty strong signals.

CO Auto Shut OFF: Newer DX and HX models of Duromax have a Carbon monoxide alert, once the concentration of CO reaches dangerous levels the generators shut OFF automatically.

Easy maintenance: DuroMax units are pretty easy to maintain, You just need to change the oil, filters, etc.

Multiple Verities: Duromax is in the line of fewer brands that offers almost every type of generator with different wattages.

They offer portable, inverter, dual fuel, tri-fuel, and other bigger generators from 2000 – 15000 wattages.

Safer Operation: Almost all generators of Duromax are certified by the CARB or EPA. That is a clear indication that they are not only safe for the environment but also for humans and appliances as well.

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Recommended Top Rated Units of DuroMax

DuroMax XP15000E
DuroMax XP15000E
  • 15000 surge &12500 running watts
  • 8 hours runtime @ 50%
  • Dual Fuel
DuroMax XP12000EH
DuroMax XP12000EH
  • EPA and CARB-certified
  • 8 hours runtime @ 50%load.
  • Dual Fuel

Are DuroMax Generators Made in China?

No, all parts of Duromax is engineered and manufactured in Ontario California, they have a huge manufacturing unit called the DuroPower plant with a bunch of talented engineers whose task is to produce super reliable generator, particularly dual fuel units.

What Engine Is Used in DuroMax Generators?

The latest generators of DuroMax come with powerful DuroMax OHV forced air cool engines with a wide range of cubic centimeters (cc) depending on the size of the generators.

Where Are Durostar Generators Made?

DuroStar is the sister company of DuroMax both are manufactured in the US. Since both generators are manufactured at the DuroPower plant they perform pretty much the same unless one has higher wattages or a powerful engine with a lot of modern features.

As per our test, we have compared the similar specification units from both DuroMax and DuroStart and we got almost the same performance, built quality, noise levels, etc.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have Duromax Generators Been Around?

Duromax generators have been in the market since 2003, however, they actively worked on power tools since 1989.

Where can I get the parts of DuroMax or DuroStar?

I always contacted the customer support of DuroMax to get any part, and they were kind enough to provide me with the part and also assist me to fit that.

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