Who Makes Westinghouse Generators?

The Westinghouse generators are imagined and designed in the USA mainly in Pennsylvania and manufactured either in China or Vietnam under the license and supervision of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.

Some of the overseas models (for Australia) are developed locally to ensure regulatory compliance and satisfy the customers’ preferences as per the needs of their houses.

Who Makes Westinghouse Generator Engines?

Westinghouse generators’ engines are engineered and designed in the US and manufactured either in China or Vietnam.

What Engine Is in Westinghouse Generators?

Mainly they use Westinghouse 4-stork OHV (overhead valve) dual fuel or petrol Engines that are complaints with the standards of EPA and CARB, though the engines are manufactured in China or Vietnam still they are pretty reliable and budget-friendly. I have been using Westinghouse wgen9500df since 2020 and still works like a new one.

Who Makes Westinghouse Generators? – Brief History

Who Makes Westinghouse Generators?

The founder of Westinghouse Mr. George Westinghouse was born in Central Bridge, New York in 1846.

Mr. George Westinghouse
Source: Westinghouse

Later in 1865, Mr. George patented the rotary steam engine.  From 1869 – 1881 Westinghouse was busy developing Air Brakes for railways, including automatic as well. Additionally, they found Union Switch and Signal Company to develop the interlocking systems for railroads.

In 1886 Westinghouse Electric came into the market. Later in 1888, the great Nikola Tesla started work for Westinghouse Electric Company. From 1891 – 1914 Westinghouse Electric produced some of the revolutionary turbines and other power equipment like electric stoves, etc.

Mr. George, the founder of Westinghouse, died in 1914.

Between 1920 to 2010, there were lots of revolutionary inventions like the electric elevator, eye savers, radar systems, turbines, talking robots, etc.

Finally, in 2011, the first line of portable generators was released by Westinghouse, however, in 2017 Westinghouse further released the smart inverter generators with an open frame design as well.

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Are Westinghouse Generators Any Good?

With more than 120 years of experience, Westinghouse is now the most trusted brand in terms of durability and reliability, they offer almost every type of generator including inverter, dual fuel, portable, etc.

Though their generators are somehow heavier due to the pure construction of the cast iron, still their performance is pretty good. Also, Westinghouse tries to add lots of the latest features like CO detector, remote start, versatile control panel, THD levels, etc.

What Are the Distinct Features of Westinghouse Generators?

Dual Fuel Options: Like DuroMax and other reputed brands Westinghouse is well known for their dual fuel generators.

They not only provide greater wattages on gasoline but also on LPG as well. Also, we found slightly lower noise levels on LPG compared to the other generators.

Longer life: Westinghouse generators are carefully designed in the US to ensure greater longevity.

They build the engine from high-grade cast iron and the whole frame is built from a non-corrosive material.

Though they have the made in china tag, still they are the most reliable and budget-friendly generators I have ever seen in my life.

CO Sensor: Newer futuristic models of Westinghouse come with a carbon monoxide sensor that will shut off the unit once the concentration of carbon monoxide reaches a dangerous level.

Clean Power: Since Westinghouse is in the market for a longer time, its primary aim is to supply clean and green power to every house.

Even bigger units of the Westinghouse generators provide less than 5% of THD (Total harmonic distortions) which is pretty safe for even voltage-sensitive appliances.

Parallel Capability: Westinghouse also infuses the parallel capability to the selective units for increasing the wattages. Now you don’t have to sell your smaller unit in half to buy a bigger unit, simply purchase a parallel compatible unit and couple them to get double wattages.

We also have written a guide about paralleling generators make sure to have a look

Remote Start: like Champion, DuroMax, and Pulsar, Westinghouse also introduces remote start generators with a decent remote control range.

Easy Maintenance: Westinghouse generators are also pretty easy to maintain. Since 2020 I am just maintaining the engine oil, filters, and spark plug, and cleaned the outer frame of my Westinghouse wgen9500df. Even my unit doesn’t require carburetor cleaning.

Safer Operation: With the certifications of CARB or EPA Westinghouse generators become the safest power machines currently available in the market.

Multiple Verities: The current inventory of Westinghouse has portable, dual fuel, inverter, and traditional generators ranging from 1000 – 15000 wattages.

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Where to Buy Westinghouse Generators

Since Westinghouse is a well-renowned brand, its generators, and other accessories are not only sold in the offline market but also in the online market as well.

For offline local dealers, you can use their (find a local dealer) option; however, the flowing online stores are actively selling Westinghouse products.

What Are Westinghouse Generators Used For?

As per our experience, Westinghouse generators could be used for the following purposes.

  • Power Outages
  • Job Sites
  • Camping
  • Food Trucks
  • Tailgating
  • Boating (lighter units)
  • Welding


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Westinghouse and Onan Generators the Same?

Though the forums are flooding with the discussion that both Westinghouse and Onan generators are using the same chines engines, still Onan generators are built under the observation of Cummins Inc. However the Westinghouse generators are designed at Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Are Westinghouse Generators Made in China?

Westinghouse generators are imagined and designed in the US and manufactured in China or Vietnam, though they have a tag of being made in China or Vietnam still it is a combined effort, they only take help from there to make their generator budget-friendly.

Are Westinghouse Generators Made in the USA?

Westinghouse generators are only designed in the US (Pewaukee and Wisconsin), however, the manufacturing process is handled in China or Vietnam.

Does Westinghouse Make an Inverter Generator?

Yes, Westinghouse is actively working on the inverter generators. IGen 1200, 2200, and 2500 are some of the top-selling inverter generators from Westinghouse.

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