What Can a 3500 Watts Generator Run?

Since 3500 watts generators come within a midrange price tag with sufficient power and portable size, every RV or house owner wants to know What Can a 3500 Watts Generator Run?

Well in this guide you are going to see our tested RV, home, worksite, and tailgating essentials.

Without further wasting time let’s dive in;

A Brief Overview of the Generator Wattage

Typically all generators have two wattage ratings one is a surge/starting and the other is running /rated.

Surge rating shows us how much a generator can put power initially to run motorized or heavy appliances. On the other hand rated voltage shows us how many watts a generator can supply continuously. Surge watts are always greater than rated watts.

Note: Always get a generator with 300 – 400 more starting and running watts than your needs because we don’t want to overload the engine.

Quick Answer

With a 3500 –  watts generator having 3000 running and 3500 starting watts you can operate any appliance or sum of appliances within the range of 2800 running and 3200 starting watts.

What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run?

3500 – Watt generators are the most popular class of generators that can run your essential home appliances like refrigerator, Window AC, Heater, Sump Pump, etc. Since a 3.5kw generator can provide 14 amp and 240 volts or 28 amp and 120 volts you will be able to run all medium power appliances without overloading them.

What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run In the House?

Below is the list of home appliances we have tested on a 3.5kw machine:

Dishwasher1000 -1500
Coffee machine1000 – 1200
Electric kettle1200
Space heater1500
Air fryer1500
Hot water dispenser1200
1-ton air condition800 – 1000
65 inch LCD120
Sump pump800
Well pump1000
Vacuum cleaner450
Home Appliances Table with wattages

Note: There are tons of other home appliances you can run with a 3500-watt machine, you just need to see the wattage ratings, if certain equipment consumes less power you can run it easily.

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What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run In the RV?

After conducting a survey we have found that a 3.5kw generator is one of the best options for an RV owner, you can run all essential RV appliances like refrigerators, lights, TVs, sensors, heating, air conditioning, etc.

Below is a table of appliances we have tested with a 3.5kw generator;

Appliance Wattage
Coffee machine1000 – 1200
Microwave1000 – 1500
Space heater1000 – 1500
Freezer/fridge300 – 600
1-ton air condition800 – 1000
All lights and fans300
Vacuum cleaner450
TVs and sensors400
RV Appliances Table with wattages

What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run at the Work Site?

What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run at the Work Site?

Expect some of the power-hungry tools we have found that all of the worksite tools are below 2500 watts which is a good sign to use a 3.5kw machine on the worksite.

Let’s have a look at the table of different tools;

Circular saw1200 – 1800
Table saw1800 – 2000
Air compressor2000
Chain saw1500
Miter saw1800
Belt sander1200
Worksite Tools Table With Wattages

Note: You can’t operate multiple tools simultaneously with a 3.5kw generator make sure to get a bigger one like 5000 watts or even 1000 watts if you want to operate 4 to 5 tools at the same time.

What Can A 3500 Watts Generator Run at the Tailgating?

Since we carry a bunch of low-power-hungry appliances rated between 150 – 2000 watts on a tailgating party, with this machine you can operate multiple tailgating essentials below is a table of our tested appliances.

Appliance Wattages
Electric smoker800 – 1000
Mini fridge100 – 200
Air inflator500
Speakers100 – 200
Projector200 – 300
Tailgating Appliances Table with wattages

We have run pretty much all tailgating essentials still we have extra 500 – 800 watts which is amazing.

Does A 3500 Watts Generator Is Enough For You?

3.5kw generator is a perfect choice for a medium house, RV, tailgating, or working site, as we have mentioned above that it can operate your all essential tools and appliance without being overloaded.

Again it depends on the needs of users, if a normal user can fill his/her needs within a range of 3.5kw watts it is a perfect choice, otherwise, go for a bigger one if you want to operate multiple tools simultaneously.

You can comment below to get free suggestions from experts, you just need to tell us what you are going to operate we will come up with some of the best units that full fill your needs.

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What Is The Difference Between Conventional And Inverter 3500 – Watt Generator

  • Inverter generators produce safe voltages with very low total harmonic distortion you can run your all sensitive appliances safely, however, in conventional you have to care about the sine waves of voltage.
  • The noise levels of inverter generators are quiet than conventional generators.
  • Inverter generators are compact and lightweight you can carry them easily, but conventional is somehow bigger.
  • Most of the inverter generators are capable of parallel connection, you can connect 2 machines to get more watts, make sure to check out a certain unit is compatible without your unit.
  • Inverter generators are costly as compared to conventional ones.
  • When it comes to carbon footprints inverters are more eco-friendly compared to conventional ones.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Appliances Can You Run on a 3500 Watt Generator?

It depends, if I am going to run some heavy appliances like 1000w and 2200 watts I can only run two appliances, however, if I run some low-load appliances like 200w, 1000w, 500w, 500w, 1000w, I can run five or even more.

Will a 3500 Watt Generator Run a 30 30-amp camper?

Yes, 3.5kw is an ideal size for an Rv, you can even run an RV or camper with a 3000-watt unit.

Will a 3500 Watt Generator Run a 15000 Btu AC?

Yes, a 15000btu air conditioner will only consume about 1700 – 2000 watts which is an easy task for a 3.5kw.

Will a 3500-watt inverter generator run an RV Air Conditioner?

If your Rv has a 15000btu or less it shouldn’t be a big deal for a 3500-watt inverter generator.

How Many Amps Does a 3500 Watt Generator Produce?

 A 3500 watts generator can provide 14 amp and 240 volts or 28 amp and 120 volts.

How Long Will a 3500 Watt Generator Run On a Tank of Gas?

It depends, runtime varies from model to model, you can get a decent runtime of 13 – 14 hours or you can get a lower runtime of 9 – 10 hours make sure to read some experts’ and users’ reviews before getting the one.

Will a 3500 Watt Generator Run a 5000 Btu Air Conditioner?

Yes, you can 5000 BTUs easily.

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