Where Are Honda Generators Made? – [Made In Japan or China?]

Honda generators are manufactured in 11 countries around the globe, including Japan, USA, China, France, etc. Also, after manufacturing, they shipped to North America, Europe, and other countries.

The main headquarters of Honda are in Japan (Honda R&D Co., Ltd.) and the USA (Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC), where they develop the prototypes, design engines, and do essential testing before launching them to the market.

Quick Overview of the Honda Brand

Founded inSeptember 1948
FoundersSoichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa
Contact Pagehttps://powerequipment.honda.com/support/contact-us
ProductsGenerators, Lawn Movers, Pumps, Snowblowers, Tillers, Trimmers, etc.
Manufacturing Units11
Oldest HeadquarterJapan (Honda R&D Co., Ltd)

Where Are Honda Generators Made – Brief History

Where Is Honda Generators Made?

In 1953 Honda used to build small power engines, later in 1973 – 1979 Honda introduce generators, tillers, outboards, Water pumps, and lawn movers in the US market.

In 2015 Honda has 40 million satisfied customers around the US; later at the end of 2019, it reached production of 400 million and nominate as the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines.

Currently, Honda owns 11 manufacturing units around the globe including the Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC (location:  Swepsonville, North Carolina) and Honda R&D Co., Ltd., in Japan.

The R&D, testing, and other important processes like making prototypes, etc. are being handled in the US and japan.

Currently, Honda is producing 2 million engines per year with millions of satisfied customers not only in the US.

Before COVID in 2018 the net revenue of Honda was $112.43 billion, however, during the COVID, they haven’t shown their states.

Are Honda Generators Worth the Money?

Since Honda is the leading brand in the power equipment industry its generators are well known for their efficiency, durability, and reliability.

I am constantly using my Honda EU3000is for my workshop since 2019; I am just doing normal maintenance like changing the Oil, spark plug, filter, etc. even though it hasn’t required tuning for almost a year, however, I tune-up my EU3000is right after 6 months.

What are the Features of Honda Generators?

Durable: Honda Generators are made from high-grade material with premium magnets, ropes, etc. also done multiple durability tests to ensure that the product will last longer.

CO-MINDER: CO-minder is the latest and most advanced carbon monoxide (CO) detector introduced by the Honda power equipment; it shuts off the generator once the carbon monoxide level reaches a dangerous level.

Honda My Generator app with Bluetooth capability: The app not only works like a generator remote control but also sends reminders like the generator needs service, oil change, etc you just have to configure the Honda My Generator app through Bluetooth connectivity.

Clean Power: Honda has utilized the latest inverter technology to provide clean power with fewer THD levels, even larger unit of Honda provides less than 5% of THD levels which is pretty safe for even voltage-sensitive equipment.

Longer Run time: Since Honda is the oldest player in the market of combustion engines; they design the most efficient engines to save fuel costs. Though my Honda EU2200i has 0.95 gallons of the fuel tank, still it runs for 8 hours at 1/4 load.

Parallel Capability: Newer models of Honda are parallel capable, you can simply connect them with a parallel kit to double the power.

Quiet Operation: Honda produces much quieter generators compared to its competitors.

Lower Maintenance cost: Though Honda generators are a bit costly, still they are pretty cheap to maintain, I am just changing the kinds of stuff like spark plugs, filters, and engine oil and tuning up my unit right after 6 months.

Safe: With the certifications of  CARB and EPA , Honda generators are proven to be safe for the appliances, environment, and humans as well

Multiple Choices: Honda has a huge inventory of portable, inverters, and open-frame generators ranging from 1000 – 10000 watts.

Where to buy Honda generators?

Since Honda constantly dominates the market they not only sell their generator offline but also in the online market as well.

For offline purchasing you can use their dealer locator option, however, for online purchasing, you can try the below stores.

What are the Uses of Honda Generators?

Honda generators are not only used for power outages but also for the following purposes.

  • Camping
  • Job Sites
  • Events
  • Agriculture
  • Tailgating
  • Food Trucks
  • Boating (lighter units)
  • Welding


What Country Makes Honda Generators?

The Honda generators are mainly manufactured in Japan, US, France, China, India, and a few other countries; however, they are shipped to the US and North America where the selling process starts.

Additionally for maintaining the quality of the products, Honda has Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC (located in Swepsonville, North Carolina) and Honda R&D Co., Ltd., in Japan. The prototypes and testing of newer power equipment mainly occur in Japan and US (North Carolina).


Since Honda is a popular Japanese multinational corporation with millions of satisfied customers around the world, you will never regret buying its generators.

Though they are a bit expensive compared to the Westinghouse, champion, DuroMax, etc. still they are designed carefully from a high-grade material to cut off the ongoing cost of repair and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Honda generator Made in USA?

Honda generators mainly come with a made in japan tag, however, they have 11 manufacturing units around the globe including the USA, China, and France as well.u003cbru003e

Are Honda generators made in China?

Honda generators and other power equipment are being made in 11 countries including China as well, still, the whole Ru0026D and Testing process occurs in the US and Japan. 

Where are Honda EU2200i generators made?

All popular units of Honda including the Honda Eu2200i, EU3000is, etc., are being manufactured in Japan, the USA, China, and other countries.u003cbru003eAs we have mentioned above that Honda has 11 manufacturing units around the globe, we can’t surely state that a certain model of generator is manufactured in the USA, Japan, or China, however, we can assure you that the quality will be top-notch.

What warranty does Honda offer for its generators?

Honda mostly offers 3 years of commercial and residential warranty as well. Additionally, they provide great customer support to their consumers.

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