Where Are Predator Generators Made?

Predator generators are made by a USA-based company called Harbor Freight Tools located in Calabasas, California, however, the engines are being assembled in China.

Though their engines are made in China still they deliver superb performance as the designing and testing process is handled by the main headquarter in the US.

Quick Overview

Company NameHarbor Freight Tools
Founders Eric Smidt , Allan Smidt
Current CEOEric Smidt
Founded In1977
Type Private
HeadquartersCalabasas, California, U.S.
Revenue Recorded in 2021$6.5 billion
Number of Employees25,000
No. of retail stores1,300 in 48 states
Business ModelsRetail, E-Commerce, Mail Order

Where Are Predator Generators Made? – Brief History of the Brand


Predator generators are made by Harbor Freight founded by Eric Smidt and his father Allan Smidt in 1997. The company was named Harbor Freight and Salvage and had a small building in California.

Later in 1999 Mr. Eric Smidt becomes the CEO and named the company Harbor Freight Tools. Also in mid from the 1980s – 2010, the headquarter of harbor freight tools shifted near Camarillo, California.

Currently the main headquarter is situated in Calabasas, California, and has more than 1300 retail stores within 48 states with over 25000 employees. Additionally, harbor freight is doing mail orders and e-commerce actively.

Who Makes Predator Engines?

A few years ago Predator engines were made by a well-known clone manufacturer called Lifan Group situated in China. The exact location was Chongqing, China, however, the Lifan group was sold to the parent company and as per the reports, they are not working for the predator right now.

Then where are the predator engines manufactured now?

Well, currently the harbor freight tools the original company owns the tag of manufacturing and they don’t want to reveal the actual manufacturing designation. As per our research, the predator engines are still being manufactured in China, maybe Lifan group is the one.

What Engines Does Predator Use?

Harbor Freight currently utilizes the powerful PREDATOR® engines for their generators with different cubic centimeters (cc).

Are Predator Generators Any Good?

Due to the cheaper price tag, longer runtime, and quieter operation, the sale of predator generators is now touching the sky, even my brother purchases predator 9500 watts over HONDA
EU7000IS. Because of the cheaper price tag, higher runtime, and even predator beats Honda in terms of power outlets as well.

The bottom line is predator generators are super reliable within the mid-range price tag.

Features of Predator generators

  • ESC (Electronic Speed Control) Mode: Optimize the performance of the engine by controlling the speed of the rotor to save fuel and reduce noise levels.
  • Ultra Durable: Though Predator provides budget options, still they are utilizing 100% premium copper windings for their generator with premium high-grade material. Even the frame, rope, etc. are made from durable material.
  • CO SECURE™: Co Secure automatically shut off the generator when the concentration of carbon monoxide reaches a dangerous level.
  • Parallel Capability: Like other premium brands predator generator also offer parallel capabilities, one of our teammates have 2 Predator 3500 and he paralleled them for operating his central Air conditioning and other heavy appliances. here is the guide to do paralelling easily.
  • Clean Power: Like Honda, generators Predator is utilizing pure sine wave inverter technologies for providing clean power with fewer THD levels. Most predator generator has less than 5% of THD levels which is considered safe for voltage-sensitive appliances.
  • Longer Run time: Predator generators also provide decent runtimes like Honda and other renowned brands i.e. predator 3500 provides 11 hours of runtime at 25% load with a single tank of 2.3 gallons.
  • Quiet Operation: like Honda predator produces pretty quiet generators, i.e. predator 3500 produces only 56dB of noise levels from 30ft away.
  • Multiple Outlets: Unlike other generators, predator comes with multiple outlets, like, 30amp, 20amp or even 50amp in some bigger units.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: Predator generator needs normal maintenance you just have to change the oil, spark plug, filters, etc.
  • Safer operation: Predator earns certifications from the CARB and EPA and proves to be safe for not only the environment but also for appliances and humans as well.

Are Predator Generators Made in the USA?

The Predator generators are made by a USA-based company called Harbor Freight Tools; however, the engines are still being manufactured in China.

Is the Predator Generator Made in China?

Predator generators are being designed at harbor freight tools a USA-based company located in Calabasas, California, however, for making these generators a budget-friendly option their engines and other expensive parts are being manufactured in China.

Who Makes Predator 3500 Generator?

Predator 3500 is made by Harbor Freight Tools, the designing, prototype, and other tests are being conducted at the headquarter of harbor freight tools, however, the combustion engine and other expensive parts are still outsourced from China that’s why the Honda 3000is will cost you more than double then predator 3500.

Are Predator Generators Made by Honda?

Honda generators are made from Honda power equipment; however, the predator generators are made from harbor freight tools.

Though the rumors are flooding on the forums that the engines of the Honda and Predator generator are being manufactured by the same company, still there is no evidence that Honda is making engines for the Predator.

Here is the guide about Who Makes Honda Generators

Is a Predator Engine a Honda Clone?

Predator 212 cc engines are very popular as the Honda GX200 engine and surprisingly they are pretty similar (not 100% similar) to each other, also can be interchanged with some modifications.

Honda GX200 and predator 212cc

A technician of my team has teardown his Honda GX200 and Predator 212 cc and found more than 80% similar parts, however, he stated that they are not 100% similar, however, both engines can be interchanged the engines with a bit of modification.

Are Honda and Predator Parts Interchangeable?

With some modifications, you can interchange them, since both engines have some distinct areas for the parts you have to order different parts accordingly.

The process of interchanging is hectic, complex, and costly we don’t recommend our users to do that.

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